Chameleon Press

What started out just as an event management agency has now turned into something that offers more than what you could possibly expect out of an event’s management agency. Here’s Rockski group an event management company that was brought to the fore of our pine city (Shillong) a year ago, as a result of the brainchild of musicians who’re likeminded and those who are willing tobear any cost in uplifting the music scene here. Off late, after the success of their shows in the past year; Rockski is now all set and ready to take things to the next level, by introducing to you “Chameleon Press”, is the fact that it is the sickest of a platform for budding scribblers….a branch or rather an addition to the Rockski Group’s enterprise. Chameleon Press by far or near whatever the situation may be, is considerably a variety E-Zine….one can refer to it as the cauldron of everything. It takes a satirical swipe at the existing music scene, personalities, culture, fashion and art.

Also, there seemed to be a nerve wrecking or pulsing theory that has now devastated much leading to a point that the people responsible for this particular scribe block, are all building a series of interest for the “Lovey-Dovey” appealing reptile Chameleon. Therefore, has christened it as such. The basic ideology is to give the indie music scene of our beautiful city Shillong the much needed boost plus extra materials of different beats. Because, C.P believes that if it’s just music; it could get a little dull and furthermore unvaried.

Chameleon Press derives its influences from the world as a whole. Being, conceived and born means a lot to it. And lastly, it intends to righteously continue serving for every entertainment loving citizen needs and heart’s desires.