We uphold the Shillong Music Scene @ Rockski Group 

Formed in 2009, Rockski Group is an independent network of Musicians, Event producers/Managers, Live Sound Engineers, Writers, Photographers, Studio Professionals, DJs & Graphic Designers of Shillong.

Chameleon press

Chameleon Press in an extension of Rockski Group where  editorial content will be put up and updated fortnightly. Our content is unbiased, unpatronizing and will cover many topics under Entertainment,Art & Culture.


Rockski Events is a new breed of event management to hit the Shillong scene. We are very versatile when it comes to strategy development  and implementation because our members are from different fields of specialization. The 19 member team is committed to ensuring impeccable execution and exceptional marketing strategy as they have a strong connection with the youth and their ground reality in Shillong.

Artist Booking (Coming Soon!)

We will be handling all the booking duties for a bunch of Artists based in and around Shillong.

Merchandise(Coming Soon!)

We will setup a special team to handle all the local merchandise (CDs, Clothing etc) sales and logstics.