Aberrant: The Noise off their debut EP

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Shillong based super-metal group Aberrant is all set to launch their debut EP this month. So what better time than this to round up a chat with them on their sound template, technical stealth and their already heavy sound?

C.P-When did you guys decide to head out and record this extended play?

Aberrant: We had plans to record since ending of last year, with the completion of our Fourth single we decided to hit the studio at the beginning of this year to get all our 4 tracks on tape.

C.P-How long did you spend writing this record?

Aberrant: It took us about three months to complete the recordings, we had finished earlier but then we had to re-record the guitars & bass because we were not happy with the tones and overall sound and feel.

C.P- How has the writing experience differed from the other materials that all of you guys had written with your previous bands/side projects?

Aberrant: Our song writing is completely different from what we did in our respective bands. Since the inception of the band, we wanted to do something different and challenging. Its more progressive but at the same time listener friendly, yet still maintaining the heavy side and there is lots of groove.

C.P- How is it sounding so far according to you guys and any major surprises in the record that will bring about an ultimate change in the band’s progression?

Aberrant: So for we are very happy with the overall sound of the record. The Songs are a mix of modern and classic metal riffs & progressive drumming coupled with heavy bass licks and the fierce vocals are the icing on the cake. There are lots of surprises in our songs, very subtle changes. We can say that we are on our way to finding our own sound which will mature as we go along.

C.P- judging from the teaser, this record seems to be groovy as fuck with a more abrasive edge to it. Tell me something more about the songwriting process and the entire record concept…

Aberrant: Like most bands or musicians…it starts with an idea or a riff. Jerry and Imti would exchange riffs and ideas and once the basic foundation for the songs are set, our own “GURU” Jerry then works his magic with the arrangements. Kat and Imti would bring in whatever lyrics they’ve written and put them to a song which they feel would work. It has taken us quite some time to write the four songs for the EP. Almost a year!! But we didn’t want to rush because we paid a lot of attention to the details and also we were still searching for our own sound and style. We can say that with each song that we’ve written, it has led us to understand the kind of direction and feel we want in our playing and writing process. Our own trademark!!

As far as the concept goes.. We wanted to do something different. Everything about the EP is “Aberrant” so to say.

C.P- Do u guys have a title yet for this E.P.?

Aberrant: This one is going to be a self Titled EP to suit the concept.

C.P- Any other gigs or tours coming up?

Aberrant: We have a few gigs in the pipeline to support the EP release. Two gigs have been confirmed so far. We will be playing “The Mosh-Culture” that’s happening this July in Kohima Nagaland alongside Sycorax and If Hope Dies and then the Outrage Festival that happening in Delhi also in July. We will be sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the Indian Metal Scene. We are so looking forward to playing these gigs.

Chameleon Press Staff

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